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Director – LIN

Mr. LIN is an experienced and successful merchant. Having established his business well, he is determined to give back to the society and the make the world a more sustainable place for future generations. He supports forest conservation projects that aim at building a sustainable environment and hence providing better quality of life and more opportunities to the community.

Director – CHEUNG

Ms. CHEUNG’s career exposure extends to a wide array of industries. With her global insight and connection with business partners around the globe, she can promote PNG projects to strategic partners and lead the team to excellence.

Director – VAL

Mr. VAL has worked in the forestry sector for over 20 years. He is a local forestry project development expert. He has established deep and trusting business relationships with local partners and has developed a deep understanding of PNG regulations, policies and business localization. He endeavours to contribute to the effective and efficient running of the local projects through injecting his experience and insight, as well as active listening and cooperation with the local community.

Founder – Hugo

Master of Business Administration, director of various organizations, 30+ years experience of management in different countries.

Chief Operation Officer – Stephanie

Degree of Public Administration, specific in global policies, social governance, functions of stakeholders in public sectors, 15+ years experience in projects’ operation.

Liaison Officer – Ericson

Energetic generation from forester family, well known in local community demands and potentials, liaise and balance between the stakeholders.

Legal and Professional – RRC

Professional team with well understanding of national policies, REDD+ requirements, guide the development of the projects.

REDD+ Development Expert – CP

Professional team with well understanding of international policies, VCS and CCB requirements, guide the projects to achieve the global standards.

Journalist – Winnie

IT and Marketing – Jacky Strategic Financial Partner – Environment Treasure